We are Megafoto

We are Megafoto

Historical Records

Using an independent technology we take multiple photos in just a few minutes of all the audience an event, no matter how big or small. The result is one image in 360 degrees with an impeccable resolution that enables the capacity to interact with it by moving around and using a high-quality zoom to locate yourself inside the arena.

Knowing your fans

Each fan is a Digital Citizen and Megafoto is the opportunity to stretch out the fans experiences tagging themselves in the photos and creating multiple social media movement. Moreover, our software provides the chance to keep in touch with the audience after the events presenting important fan data.


Each Megafoto project is created in a unique manner. We follow the customer’s mindset and brand design. Also, we develop custom and exclusive features for each activity. Megafoto's application comes forward with multiple features in order to engage the fans creating multiple brand exposure.


We have been developing this technology since 2009. Playing a key part inside commercial projects mixing up gigapanoramic photography with high technology programming. Always focused on researching and improving to deliver the best possible results to enrich the given experience for fans, brands, teams, and events.


We have developed a unique system to allow full interaction of the fans in the Megafotos.

Social Media

The app works as a navigation platform and gives you the option to share your experience via social media.


The layout can be customized alongside unique functions depending on the nature of each project.

Engagament tool


The interface provided is a hundred percent user friendly and it’s available for desktop and mobile devices.


The App is hosted by Amazon servers provides the capacity of been accessed simultaneously by thousands of users.

4.2 M


209 k





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Where has an event there is public and a Megafoto can be done.